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corrosion protection

Антикоррозионная защита Антикоррозионная защита Антикоррозионная защита Антикоррозионная защита

what can we

A high-quality anti-corrosive coating guarantees that your metalwork will remain strong over its service life. We are experts at delivering corrosion protection solutions for reservoir parks, pipeline mains, hydraulic facilities, maritime vessels and a variety of industrial and civil facilities.

Our specialists prepare surfaces with an abrasive-blasting, water-jet or mechanical process in accordance with ISO 8501 specifications. They apply protective coatings using epoxy, alkyd, acryl, polyurethane, or other materials tailored to the conditions in which a given structure will be used.

Our many years of experience and preference for advanced technologies mean we can provide highly specific solutions, protecting a variety of surfaces while suiting diverse operational requirements.

Solutions by

  • Reservoirs and storage tanks 
  • Gas and liquids pipelines 
  • Nuclear industry, pumping and turbine equipment 
  • Structures for maritime and river ports 
  • Hydraulic facilities for hydropower plants
  • Railway and road bridges 
  • Tunnels and overpasses 
  • Wind energy facilities 
  • Chemical processing facilities
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