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oil and gas construction

Нефтегазовое строительство Нефтегазовое строительство Нефтегазовое строительство Нефтегазовое строительство

what can we

We construct facilities for the oil and gas industry using advanced and superior quality technologies. The structures we erect are modern, durable and environmentally sustainable.

Our production capacities and decades of experience enable us to provide full-cycle solutions involving the entire spectrum of oil and gas construction services — this includes inventory and logistics management for projects under construction.

Our specialists are well-versed in the design, construction and reconstruction of petrochemical and petroleum processing facilities, terminals, reservoir parks, pipeline mains, and oil and gas pumping stations, and hold the relevant licences for all of these activities.

Solutions by

  • Construction design for the oil and gas industry 
  • Construction of reservoir parks for hydrocarbon storage and transloading 
  • Installation and connection of technological equipment 
  • Construction of ramps for railway tank loading/unloading 
  • Laying of mains, and technological and auxiliary piping 
  • Reconstruction and refurbishment of oil and gas facilities 
  • Maintenance of oil and gas terminals, and ports
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