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Подъёмная техника Подъёмная техника Подъёмная техника Подъёмная техника

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Bringing people, materials and machinery to work at heights in a quick and reliable manner is integral to an effective construction process.

We sell, maintain and refurbish telescopic, articulated, scissor and trailer-type lifts.

Latteps is the official dealer for Snorkel lifts on the Latvian market. Snorkel is a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms. Their comprehensive range of aerial lifts provides for safe and efficient working at heights from 2 metres to 40 metres, with perfect solutions for any application, from interior building maintenance through to the toughest construction site. Snorkel lifts are renowned for their ease of use, safety and reliability.

Our professional consultants will provide all the information you need to purchase the model that best fits your needs, and we can assign qualified mechanics to perform repairs or maintenance on any lifting equipment you already have.
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