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welding and installation

Сварочно-монтажные работы Сварочно-монтажные работы Сварочно-монтажные работы Сварочно-монтажные работы

what can we

This is one of our company’s prime specialities. Latteps staff regularly carry out welding and assembly of a wide variety of metal framework and piping.

We also handle installation and welding for operational industrial facilities and pipeline utilities. This demands the utmost quality in welding joints, exceptional organisation at every stage, strict adherence to welding technology, as well as compliance with occupational health and safety and industrial safety requirements.

Latteps is able to excel at any scale and degree of complexity because our specialists are masters of their craft, utilising modern technologies and equipment for welding and installation. Latteps’ welding production system (a synergy of technology, expertise, equipment and materials) has been certified in accordance with international standards.

Solutions by

  • Welding and installation at operating facilities
  • Assembly of load-bearing metal frameworks 
  • Laying of pipelines, installation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems 
  • Welding and installation at heights
  • Underwater welding and installation 
  • MMA, TIG and MIG/MAG welding methods
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